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What is seo

A lot of internet newbies find themselves asking the question, what is SEO? This article seeks to answer that question, and highlight the benefits of SEO that every website owner should be aware of. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. In simple terms, search engine optimization is the process of making one’s website more visible in cyberspace by ensuring that its chances of popping up in an internet search are high.

The internet world is becoming increasingly competitive because a lot of websites that offer similar products and services are coming up every day. This means that one has to evaluate strategies on how to ensure their website receives adequate traffic. The term traffic refers to the Internet users who visit your website. A lot of traffic means that the product or service advertised on a website is getting adequate exposure, which boosts one’s chances of business. There is no magic trick or secret to having a lot of traffic to your website, but an understanding of the concept behind the answer to the question, what is SEO should be sought.

 When an Internet user types in phrases into a search engine such as Google, more often than not, the search results on the first page are taken into account while the rest are ignored. There is a need to ensure that one’s website is not among the unfortunate many that are always ignored during searches. One way of doing this is to ensure that the website contains keywords and phrases that are most likely to be searched for. The typical Internet user is more likely to search for some words more than others, and the trick is to figure out which words those are.

There are tools on the internet that help website owners decide which phrases to use and which ones are less likely to attract attention. A simple way to figure those all-important words would be to use thesaurus on MS-word to come up with words and their synonyms.

What Is SEO Knowledge Going to do for one’s Website?

One needs to ensure that their website is search engine optimized by taking advantage of all marketing options available. The aforementioned method of applying appropriate keywords is just one among many. Some other methods include posting of links on other websites to promote one’s own site. This should be done with wise discretion because it would do one’s site no justice to have links on sites that are not frequented, or on sites that are totally unrelated. Blogs and forums should also be used to market one’s site.

One cannot afford to have a website that is never visited by internet users. Simply, it is not lucrative. It is akin to opening a shop in a place that is never frequented by clients. In business, and more so in online business, one has to ensure that visibility is maintained. Visibility will be achieved if one adequately answers the question what is SEO, which will result in increased traffic and consequent better business.

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