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SEO Services for Reputation Management

The Internet is more widely accessible than ever, and as more people take advantage of this connectivity, there are those who have an agenda of tarnishing the images of rival companies. Small to medium sized companies are unfortunately not immune to negative online comments. SEO Reputation Management is essential and it starts with, of course, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of many ways that companies can engage in Reputation Management is through SEO. An aggressive SEO campaign is necessary in order to build brand recognition, promote a positive image, and be ready to deal with negative comments anywhere, anytime.

By definition, in-place SEO strategies serve to also function as Reputation Management. SEO focuses on gaining top search engine rankings through the use of Onsite and offsite optimization which involve the consistent addition, indexation and syndication of fresh content such as blog posts, articles, press releases, videos and more.  These processes serve to consistently raise the bar for any negative comments to overcome to actually be visible online to any significant degree.  Therefore in-place SEO strategies are truly proactive and very effective as SEO Reputation Management.

But, if you are not actively engaging in Search Engine Optimization and become aware of negative comments, the need for SEO Reputation Management becomes apparent. Reputation Management can help companies looking to maintain or repair their online images by ensuring that the content that finds its way into search engine results pages (SERPs) is positive, informative, and accurate. Negatively-affected businesses and individuals require a focused, highly concentrated program to effectively deal with negative online comments and posts.

Customers are not the only people who have been known to leave negative feedback about companies they’ve patronized. Disgruntled employees have also taken to the Internet to spread negative publicity for companies by whom they feel wronged. An employee who has been fired might take it personally and spread rumors about a company’s unethical practices, long hours without overtime pay, harassment, or any other number of accusations. SEO Reputation Management processes first work to remove and/or refute negative posts and publicity as you would do through newspaper retractions or with personal situations.

Often attempts to have negative comments removed, fail.  SEO Reputation Management takes this issue head on.  Specifically, research is employed to identify all instances of negativity.  Then content is developed to successfully compete for the keywords and phrases where the negativity is visible.  This content is focused on the keywords and is implemented, indexed and syndicated as in regular SEO but in a much more concentrated way.  The successful result is the presence of only positive content on the top pages and the relegation of the negative content to the back pages of Google et al.

SEO is an ongoing process involving proactive measures, in the form of content and press releases that form the backbone of a positive reputation; reactive measures become important, even urgent in the absence of in-place SEO. SEO Reputation Management provides solutions to even the most challenging of online negativity. The proper use of SEO strategies along with Reputation Management is a key to increasing a business’s profits.

Don’t hesitate to react to negative press; be diligent and beat negative press by surpassing it with consistent SEO Reputation Management.

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